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The islands of Molène and Ushant

Set sail for world's end from Le Conquet

When you stay at our hotel, you can set sail from Le Conquet to the islands of Molène and Ushant, the most westerly points of Metropolitan France. 
The island of Molène, the pearl of the islands in the Iroise Sea, is located between Le Conquet and the island of Ushant, and is the perfect destination for anyone looking for peace and tranquillity. The crossing between Le Conquet and Molène takes only half an hour. With practically no cars, explore the island of Molène through the 13 stages of a varied route (a 4 km circuit).

After Molène and the Passage of Fromveur (which means “large torrent” in Breton), you’ll discover Ushant. At a length of 7 km, this far-flung island resembles a crab’s claw and is dotted with fantastical rocks. The Celtic name for this majestic island is ouxisama (tallest), owing to the height of its cliffs. The coast of the Pointe de Pern offers an extraordinary spectacle. Amid the chiselled reefs, you’ll discover the remnants of the Villa des Tempêtes, which housed a steam-powered foghorn. 
The island is also a paradise for hiking. There is a hiking trail that forms a loop of the island (45 km). The coastal paths are exclusively reserved for pedestrians and bikes are prohibited.

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